File creation and filling


I would like, by using only Jekyll and Liquid, to generate one file for each tag I have in my website.
Is it possible to create a file and to fill it with Jekyll and Liquid without plugin usage ?

I didn’t find any examples on the web … does it mean it’s impossible ?

You can create each of the tag files yourself. But you’ll have to keep in sync with the tags used on pages.

And using a plugin is not that bad. Note you can’t use custom plugins on gh pages unless you use gh actions to build. Or Netlify.

The tutorial covers how to generate pages for categories so you can use that for tags.

Otherwise no what you asked for is not possible.

You could also just turn a single page into a list of all your tags instead of a tag per page. And use an accordion pattern to unpack items under each tag if you have a lot
That can be done easily using a for loop and no plugin.