Facebook share button page not found

when I share my post to facebook via share button, I got Page not found error . how can i fix it?

Could you post a code snippet to help a helper out?

Also, here is a working implementation of social media share buttons from jekyllcodex, which you could do a code comparison with.

I’m sorry, if you don’t share a link to your post or code then we can’t help much.

Check out the FB debugger

And use the Jekyll SEO plugin to create OG tags for you. BTW Facebook invented the open graph format but it works on other social sharing too

It sounds like there are two aspects to solve

One is getting any URL to show up well on FB. Specifically a post. So get that working first as it affects your whole site.

The other is ensuring the share URL from your button is correct and gives the correct preview when forwarding to FB. Though you have left out context and I had to assume that is what you want.

You need to be precise here.

  • Inspect your HTML page,
  • log the share button URL in the JS console
  • in the fb.com view, right click and copy and paste the link somewhere you can view.

The key to debugging is info. Get some info and you won’t be driving blind. You might have a broken URL, like with // in it or spaces not properly encoded (dashes are better than spaces to avoid this). Find your URL and see how FB sees your site then you’ll have an understanding of what’s going on and what you need to fix.