External markdown parser as a plugin?

Hey folks, I’m trying to implement some custom markdown, which is not a trivial task in the default parsers.

Based on this idea, I tried to re-create that setup but ran into this bug as well as the related bug about commenting out a line from the core renderer mentioned in that bug.

The former bug is not fixable by me, but the latter bug is, by the recommended method of commenting out a line from the core renderer.

So that leaves me with a question: how to modify that plugin in the first script to actually be a plugin? In other words, I want to call a node.js markdown parser as a plugin via open3, and just pipe my collection’s raw post content through the plugin, effectively using a secondary markdown parser for text I selectively get from liquid logic.

Based on some testing with inspect I have the proper liquid template output, I just don’t know how to modify the plugin (assuming it has something to do with modifying the definitions from config to something else?)

Apologies, I have little experience with ruby, so I’m learning as I go here.