Excerpt Ignores CR+LF

Am I dumb? Or does the excerpt tool only work if a file is saved with LF line endings and not CR+LF line endings?

I have a website that I host using GitHub Pages. The markdown and config lives in a repo, and every time I push it runs Jekyll, builds the site, and deploys it to Pages. The site contains recipes. I have one page that gives a list of the recipes, with a brief blurb for each one. This is the code I use to accomplish that:

{% for recipe in site.recipes %}
{{ recipe.title }}

{{ recipe.excerpt | markdownify }}
{% endfor %} 

Usually this works great. However, if I make the mistake of creating a new recipe on a Windows computer, instead of showing only the first paragraph the excerpt contains the ENTIRE document. The only way I’ve found to fix this is to switch the line endings, which can be a bit of a pain since most text editors try to hide such details from you.

I know I can use a custom separator but I don’t really want to have to add it to ALL the existing documents, and I don’t really want html comments in my markdown documents anyway. Is there any way to get Jekyll to accept either \n OR \r\n as a line ending?