Dynamic Rendering / Building a Static through direct Ruby/Jekyll calls

I’m interested to run dynamic queries rendering the path of an existing Jekyll site through a Ruby call to preview the rendered copy of a static page.
Can anyone assist me in trying to do this?

Hi there,

What kind of preview your are aiming for, is that preview looks like a PNG, PDF file or something alike?

Also not sure about dynamic queries… To find out examples of how to call Jekyll to turn a folder with Markdown content & structure into a site with HTML files & stuff, take a look into Jekyll’s test codebase… There you should be able to find a bunch of examples how to interact with Jekyll thru Ruby.

This snippet might be of help (it is the one that jekyll build is calling to:

Of course, the devil is in the details but these snippets should at least get you started! :slight_smile:

Good luck!