Display something before pagination on home page

Pagination works fine in my index.html. I modified it as shown below. This successfully shows an interactive map after the pagination. How can I move this to before the index of recent pages and pagination?

layout: home
# articles:
#   excerpt_type: html

      Click or tap a red marker on this map to show a trail dialog box.
      Click or tap on the <span style="color:red">View</span> link in
        the dialog box to open the trail description and map.
        Click a cluster to zoom in to see more trails. You can also zoom and pan as needed.

{% google_map src="_data/places.yaml" %}

I suppose this is theme specific? I am using TeXt theme. One solution is to put the new something (map) after the front matter in _layouts/articles.html along with a test for the first page.

{%- if paginator.page == 1 -%}
    map goes here
{%- endif -%}