Display Instagram feed | API - embed?

Hi all,

I’m trying to display Instagram feed | API - embed latest pictures.
Apparently this Blogpost proposed method is deprecated now
and the recipe to achieve it doesn’t work anymore.

(FYI : Instagram changed it’s API on 2020 )

I’m alwo testing (in Beta ) @jhvanderschee , PPI service for,

while encountering some issues… (probably from my side?).

I’ve also found Ben’s plugin


while i’m afraid it is now obsolete, as per API 2020 changes.

Do you know about any other alternatives ?

Any hint is more than welcomed !


Ok, just to share that i succeeded in integrating @jhvanderschee 's to Instagram 's API . ThX to

PS: now i’m wondering…would there be options ^^ to filter images to be shown, e.g. by … #hashtag ?