Display Instagram feed | API - embed?

Hi all,

I’m trying to display Instagram feed | API - embed latest pictures.
Apparently this Blogpost proposed method is deprecated now
and the recipe to achieve it doesn’t work anymore.

(FYI : Instagram changed it’s API on 2020 )

I’m alwo testing (in Beta ) @jhvanderschee , PPI service for,

while encountering some issues… (probably from my side?).

I’ve also found Ben’s plugin


while i’m afraid it is now obsolete, as per API 2020 changes.

Do you know about any other alternatives ?

Any hint is more than welcomed !


Ok, just to share that i succeeded in integrating @jhvanderschee 's to Instagram 's API . ThX to

PS: now i’m wondering…would there be options ^^ to filter images to be shown, e.g. by … #hashtag ?

A little background:

‘PPI Loader’ stands for Profile Page Images Loader. PPI Loader offers a simple way to put (the first few) images from your Instagram account on your website. PPI Loader deliberately does not have ‘insta’ or ‘gram’ in its title to prevent backlash from Facebook (because of alledged trademark infringement).

Key features:

  • Simplicity: The Instagram API is hard to implement. PPI Loader is very simple.
  • Privacy: We offer an alternative to the Instagram API. PPI Loader respects your visitor’s privacy.
  • Performance: We offer a fast loading solution with low complexity, perfectly suitable for performance-optimized websites.

Great. Thanks again @jhvanderschee for this useful functionality…

Would it be possible to enjoy from #hashtag on top of (Instagram image captions) ?

On top of, as we talked about … imagine such an escenario:

A travel agency :

  • it will be helpful to have the hashtag functionality … e.g: ’ #cuba #bolivia ’ on images captions
  • that would allow us to filter somehow, so that we present the related images onto the given travel destinations pages may i guess ?


Since you are using the Apeture theme or template, you may be intended in my offshoot.

It is setup for Jekyll 4 and Netlify and uses a forked gem I made to support image resizing on Jekyll 4.

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You may also be interested in using Instagram snippet to add a specific post.

You can’t pull in an entire feed.

But if you can manually find some post IDs and add them as a YAML file, or have a script to scrape IG for you, then you can render a neat embedded Instagram image on your site with maybe tags and like and things.

I have a Jekyll site here that has a demo

Sorry to distract, the last question above on adding tags was not what I answered.

@jordila It is (unfortunately) not possible to filter posts on tags with the Basic Display API.