Directus or another generic headless CMS integration

Hi all and nice to meet your community. I’m an happy new user of jekyll, just used for sites without content updates, by now.
I’d like to use it also for customer’s sites who need CMS interface (at the moment on wordpress) and so I’m searching for several solutions.
The choices are basically three:
1- create my own cms in order to generate static contents for jekyll and then generate the site with jekyll (everything integrated in one solution of course).
2- using a cloud solution like CloudCannon or Contentstack
3- using a self hosted headless CMS, like Directus that should be my choice.

At this point my question is… how to make jekyll works with the headless CMS API?

@cosmy81, as far as I can infer from the documentation of Directus CMS, Jekyll needs a bridge to be able to use Directus APIs and query those for data to generate pages. That can be done using either custom-crafted Jekyll plugin or an existing Jekyll plugin that is able to work with protected JSON APIs (eq. should support authentication method of that JSON API to be able access its data).

I must admit, it is very interesting idea to combine headless CMS and Jekyll together to be able still manage content CMS-alike way and produce beautiful static HTML pages using your favorite static site generator…

Very smart concept! :100:

Just wondering if there is any further resources available to make Directus and Jekyll integrate?