CSS Grid Autoprefix?

My website uses CSS Grid throughout. It is not terribly complex, but it does not work on the latest versions of IE. I’m looking around and learned there are a few things you can do to make sure CSS Grids work on IE and I think my site follows those best practices.

Unfortunately, it still looks horrible on IE. Some blog posts say I should use an autoprefixer. Looking around, there are quite a few autoprefixer topics on the subject of CSS grids, but they are very old (2014-2016).

Does Jekyll have a built in autoprefixer and it’s just my code that’s wrong or do I need to use an autoprefixer?


none! only sass support!

See this response for ways of using Autoprefixer with your Jekyll project.

And a 4th way… if you use VS Code there’s a plugin that you can install which will autoprefix your CSS for you.

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Thanks for your response and I am checking them out. Unfortunately, GitHub Pages is not too friendly with custom plugins, so now sure how those options will work out. While I will check out Autoprefixer, I wonder if it will collide with Jekyll builds and get overwritten?

With GItHub actions you can still host on GitHub Pages, but use custom plugins and whatever build process you want.

And if you use one of the Jekyll Autoprefixer plugins they shouldn’t interfere. They’re designed to work together.

The last option is what I use with one of my theme’s that needs to support GitHub Pages. I author my _sass files without any vendor prefixes, then use that VS Code extension to prefix the files as needed. Ideally you wouldn’t author the Sass files that way, but if you can’t use 3rd party Jekyll plugins or modify the build process it’s a good way to go.