Configuring order of collection items: PR ready

I asked several months ago for an addition to Jekyll core that would enable users to specify the order of collection items via _config.yml. A volunteer prepared a PR (see and I’d be grateful if someone could let us know whether it’s likely to be merged some time soon.

Use case: we are using GitHub Pages to build lessons for Software Carpentry and other groups. The lesson sections are in a collection; to order them, we currently have to use naming (like,, etc.), but this makes it painful to re-order things (multiple filenames need to change, internal links need to be altered, etc.). Setting the order in _config.yml, and having the previous/next links set up to respect this order automatically, would make life a lot easier.

Constraint: we want to be able to render on GitHub, which means we can’t use plugins, which means we need this in core.


You can easily achieve this without modification of the Jekyll core. You can get all items/pages and sort by your front matter variable. Then you can detect the current index number by comparing the page.url with the index URL and set a custom nextpage variable using an incremented index. Is there a reason not to use this method?

I can show you an example of this solution if you like (or check my Github account).

Yes, but that’s O(N**2) in the number of pages (since you have to do a linear search for each page). With dozens of short lessons, the build time is slow; with hundreds, it’s impossible.

I think these are your solutions:

  1. Get your PR accepted
  2. Use incremental builds
  3. Try Hugo