Build error at Setup Ruby, need help

I haven’t used my website in a while due to work, but I’ve updated my Arch Linux install since then, so I’m certain Ruby got updated with it. When building, I get a

Error: The process '/opt/hostedtoolcache/Ruby/3.3.0/x64/bin/bundle' failed with exit code 5

I’ve tried downgrading to 3.0.2 with the AUR downgrader, however that doesn’t seem to be working either, as seen here but I’m not sure if that’s a Windows user or not.

Fixing ruby · radianthero/ · GitHub here’s the github page to the issue, hoping someone can help out.

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Hi RadiantHero6,

I’ve found a solution to the problem we were facing.

I updated the Ruby version to 3.2 in my github actions workflow files, and it worked for me.

You might want to give it a try.

Here’s the commit where I made the changes for your reference:

You’ll need to update this specific line in your workflow file:

Hope this helps!

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can you post the full out put of the console including the command you use?

Solution here: in pages-deploy.yml, change ruby-version: 3.0 to ruby-version: 3.2

- name: Setup Ruby uses: ruby/setup-ruby@v1 with: ruby-version: 3.2 bundler-cache: true

Working with chirpy, maybe have to update token, I did.

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There have been a few issues with using Ruby 3.3.0 on GitHub Pages, but all have been fixed:

  • The setup-ruby action didn’t support Ruby 3.3.0 until December 25, but release v1.163.0 added support for it
  • Jekyll itself wasn’t able to build on Ruby 3.3.0, but v4.3.3 and v3.9.4 fixed those issues
  • A few Gems are slated to be removed from the standard library in Ruby 3.4.0, which results in build warnings. If a site relies on them, they have to be added to the gemspec of the plugin, or the Gemfile of the importing site (at least base64, bigdecimal, and csv)

But, overall, it’s definitely possible to use Jekyll on GitHub Pages with Ruby 3.3.0.