Base Font Weight In Minima

Hi fellows,

I am trying to update $base-font-weight in minima for my blog from 400 (regular) to 300 (thin). It works perfectly while it jekyll s. As soon as I JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll b and push to my repo, Jekyll sets my base font to 400 (regular) itself.

I am not sure what’s going wrong. I tried to make it work but no success. I am on Windows 10 and have cleared browser cache multiple times as well as flushed DNS after pushing the files to the server. It’s just minima and Jekyll, no extra plugins.

Thank you very much for your time.

where are you editing the css? which file specifically?

I tried to change font-weight in minima.scss 7th line of the code exactly.

$base-font-weight: 400 !default;

what if you do JEKYLL_ENV=production jekyll s - does that work?

so you push the built site to GH and GH serves that? if so then that would narrow down the potential issues I would think.

The main differences between build and serve have to do with urls, maybe you somehow have dupe css files and one is serving off s and the other off b? when you deploy and view the live site is the url correct?

No, this doesn’t work either. It absolutely doesn’t work from cmd. I first SET JEKYLL_ENV=production then run jekyll s. Case is not the same using bash.

No. My server pulls built files from GH to serve them.

I’ll look into this. The live site URL is correct.

if you run serve where it works correctly and go look at the _site folder at the css you should be able to see where it has the weight set properly.

If you then do build where it is incorrect, if you look at it in the _site folder locally is it the same? or is it different?

when you look at the live site where it is incorrect - using chrome inspector can you find that one line of css and verify it is not set as it should be?

My guess is there is something else going on - kinda doubt that just the environment is changing the weight itself. Seems like it is something different.

Is the repo and or site public? can you post links to it?