Any solution idea commit and push .md on iPhone?

Jekyll Blog posts from my iPhone?

Is there an app or something similar that I can use to compose a post (in markdown), and then push to my site?

Right now I subscribed to 2 apps name PolyGit and Working Copy. Use quite well.
Also, I try to install a-shell on iPhone to use lg2 for commit and push after edit.
And the third option mine use the Github web version on iPhone.

So I want to know how you (the developer) and people would use any different way to handle push .md posts to Github one a time in a couple of days?

I like to learn more, so if you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to comment here and let me know how you deal with the .md posts on iPhone.

Thanks a lot.

You can use the browser version of GitHub on your phone.

in my opinion, editing code on iPhone:

  1. PolyGit
    easy to use. Simple. Clean. And cheap $15/year
  2. GitHub web on iPhone
    Pretty hard to zoom in and edit code, but it still works fine, and it is very cheap: 0 costs.
  3. Working Copy
    I have to spend $20 for this app; it works fine, but it has too many things and features, somehow, it annoys me. So many websites recommended this app, but not me. Otherwise, this app is the most expensive app on iPhone.