& (ampersand) not working

Hi everyone,

I’m running into issues with &. When I put R&D into my .md post, it outputs as R&D in the browser.

I have tried using both Kramdown and CommonMark and both have this issue.

I’ve also tried typing R&D into my .md post but the browser still displays R&D and not R&D.

Couple of questions:

  • Are you using any third-party plugins? If yes, what are their names?
  • Are you able to reproduce this issue with a barebones site generated by running
    jekyll new test-site (and inserting text R&D in one of the pages / posts, obviously)?

If you answered no to both questions above, proceed to customize the test-site to match your original site, step-by-step, (ensure that you restart the jekyll server after making changes to the config file).

Thanks for the help.

I debugged using your method and identified an unlikely culprit! I was using jekyll-hyphenate-filter which breaks ampersands

Glad I could help you.
Happy Jekyllin’ ! :smile: