After generation of the site disappears the field "object" in file JSON

I have file JSON where is there field “object” but after generation of the site disappears the field “object” in the file JSON…

someone tell me why?


Can you paste a sample of before and after? Using a gist or repo for your code or use code indented 4 spaces here.

My code

Make sure to avoid using {{ in your JSON file in Jekyll. Split two consecutive ones over two lines to stop Jekyll evaluating

Can you do some experimenting? If you change object to object_1, does it still disappear?

What is your JSON file? Is it in _data?

Is it a page like file.json?

Do you have frontmatter in the page? You can remove that so that the file only gets copied to output dir without processing the contents.

Update like this.

  "object": "123"

And maybe object is a poorly named generic key and you can find a more descriptive that tells us what the object is. e.g. blog posts, people, pets, config.

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Thanks for your reply!

My JSON file

  "id": "123",
  "object": "123",
  "name": "123",

I got your point and checking out it now… I will write about results it later

You was right. I fixed it… thank so much