Which theme does the scala example use on http://rouge.jneen.net/?

I can’t seem to find which theme this uses: http://rouge.jneen.net/v3.16.0/scala/, eg method names in blue, variable name in grey and so on.

The closest I found was base16, which I got by using rougify style base16, but it’s still too bare.

Incidentally I didn’t find anyplace where each of the themes (gotten from rougify help style) could be previewed, instead I literally tried each of them one at a time.


Maybe just copy the css from that site? looks like it is the first 3rd or so of the css here:


not sure I have seen any preview site of different themes for rouge, would be nice to see though.

As far as theme previews for syntax highlighting… closest I’ve seen are the various Pygments galleries. Rouge is backwards compatible with it so in theory the CSS for them should “just work.”