Want to use default GitHub/Jekyll? code formatting and quote formatting

I’m using this theme: https://github.com/mmistakes/minimal-mistakes. It forces all quotes with > to be in italics, and it has a dark theme for code blocks, and it won’t format code words in titles at all. I’d really like the behavior like GitHub and Stack Overflow have: light code theme, quotes are NOT automatically in italics, etc. Anyone know how I can accomplish this? Literally: I just want defaults for these things I think. Do I need to just delete some css or scss somewhere? How do I do it?

Here’s my site: https://github.com/ElectricRCAircraftGuy/ElectricRCAircraftGuy.github.io

The key files might be in here: https://github.com/ElectricRCAircraftGuy/ElectricRCAircraftGuy.github.io/tree/master/_sass

Ok, I fixed the blockquote problem, by adding the following to my “assets/css/main.scss” file under @import "minimal-mistakes"; // main partials:

blockquote {
  /* Override `font-style: italic;` in "_base.scss" */
  font-style: normal;

I’d still like to go to default Jekyll code block formatting though, if someone knows how.

In GitHub or Stackoverfow, right click and click Inspect element on a code block. View the CSS on the pre and code elements. Tick and untick them. Copy them to your project.
You can even see the name of the CSS file where the styles come from in that pane. Click it and you’ll see the full file

I am a fan of minima theme. Here is their sass

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Check the theme’s documentation, there is a section that covers how to change the syntax highlighting colors. Theme comes with several “skins” to choose from. Solarized light is similar to GitHub, but if you want the exact colors GitHub uses you can replace the base16 Sass variables with their colors.

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