Pages links works on localhost but not on server


Hello Community,
I need a help on my github-pages link which is working fine when running on localhost[1]. however when I try to run it on server (example: it throws 404 page not found error[2].
My github repo is at: and I run it through jekyll +ruby.

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if I have missed to point something.



I don’t know much about hosting from Git, but S3, for instance, is case sensitive…

#3 seems to be the address of your website, not your github repo (where the code is). And as far as I can tell, all links are working just fine.

Is the github repository? If it is, are there any special reason to not have url: and/or baseurl: on the _config.yml file? I don’t use Github Pages, but was it the idea to not have a Gemfile but only a Gemfile.lock?