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Dragon Fruit

A simple e-commerce Jekyll theme for simple products.

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Open sourced Ultra - super fast jekyll theme (weighs under 2kb). Perfect for your personal website, blog and portfolio.

Key features

  • seo optimized
  • weighs under 2kb
  • portfolio/blog pages
  • AAA, 100/100 scores on Lighthouse, Gmetrix and Webpagetest
  • responsive
  • inline css
  • compressed css, html
  • sitemap
  • robots.txt
  • atom feed


Szimpla -
Szimpla is a responsive jekyll theme for static blogs. It was build with simplicity in mind and is minimalistic.

Szimpla theme features:

  • landing, category and blog post pages
  • featured articles section
  • responsive navigation bar
  • responsive layout for mobile phones and laptops
  • subscribe form
  • pagination on landing and category pages
  • disqus comments possibility
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Hey folks, I just released a brand new portfolio theme for designers and web developers!


Show off your best work with this beautiful, minimal and customizable portfolio theme made for designers and developers.

Made is the perfect Jekyll theme for designers, web developers and other creatives to build an awesome personal portfolio website.

View more details or check out the live demo


Name -

Ramendaily blog or magazine theme for Jekyll.
The theme is listed as sell theme on themeforest. :slight_smile:

Colorie - Colourful single column blog and portfolio theme.

Colorful, minimal one-column portfolio/blog theme built for Jekyll. Perfect for your personal website, blog and portfolio.

Key features

  • seo optimized
  • portfolio/blog/tag pages
  • AAA, 100/100 scores on Lighthouse, Gmetrix and Webpagetest
  • responsive
  • inline css
  • dusqus comments
  • compressed css, html
  • sitemap
  • robots.txt
  • atom feed
  • json feed
  • http security headers


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Top Features

  • 4 Homepage Variation
  • Author page, Tag page, Category page included along with Blog
  • MailChimp Integrated
  • Data Files ( App Features, Srceenshots, Slider, Navigation, Pricing Table, Services, Team Member, Testimonials )
  • Gulp & SCSS Integrated

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Bulma Clean Theme -

It offers a range of page layouts, configuration options, fully responsive and built with the Bulma frontend framework. It’s available as a ruby gem and works with GitHub pages!

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Churel - Responsive Modern Jekyll Blog Theme
Churel is a modern blog theme with a responsive layout and elegant styling. There have multiple home page, tag page, author page, category page layout. Pages and posts include basic SEO markup for better search ranking.
Link :


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Jekyll | Help Center -

Simple and responsive Jekyll theme for help center.

Ghostly -

A personal web site theme using Jekyll

Ghostly is a blog-enabled, text-centered Jekyll theme with a minimal aesthetic and fade transitions, intended to meet the needs of academic researchers. This theme comes equipped with a double blog, a lightbox, support for online commenting, and a skeleton site with a readily customizable style.

Repo -

New theme open-sourced! Sidey is a simple and minimalistic Jekyll blogging theme.


  • Responsive design
  • Inline CSS
  • Anchor headings
  • Search
  • Tags & tag pages
  • Security headers (for Netlify hosting)
  • 404 page
  • Compressed CSS and HTML
  • 100/100 score on Lighthouse, Page Speed Insights & Webpagetest
  • Robots.txt
  • Atom & Json feeds
  • Sass
  • Seo optimized (Twitter cards, Facebook Open Graph,
  • Ultra fast (Only ~5kb of CSS)
  • Sidebar navigation

Source code:


I created a minimal yet beautiful Jekyll Theme called Leaf. It’s a free blog theme.

And, this is my first theme. I mainly created it to learn how to create Jekyll themes.

Live Preview :fire:

Here’s a screenshot.

I shared the story of this theme on
(Link is removed because I can add only 2 links :slight_smile: )

Friday Theme -

Friday Theme is a theme for Jekyll using Bootstrap 4.4 designed to build a great personal web site with a portfolio, blog and project documentation. It is compatible with GitHub Pages. It supports all the Bootstrap components, it has blogs with tags, it has syntax highlighting and it has SVG icons. It is customisable with SCSS by simply changing the default Boostrap variables.

One interesting thing: I built this theme to also teach myself Jekyll, which now powers my personal homepage. I decided to release the theme for other people to use.

Link to the repo -

Academic Website -
A simple academic website that centralizes co-author management.

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Jekyll Klisé -

:beach_umbrella: Klisé is a minimalist Jekyll theme for running a personal site or blog, light & dark mode support.

Source Repo -

Supply -

Supply is an e-commerce theme built with Jekyll and Tachyons CSS, with Gumroad integration.

Source repo -

no style, please!

A (nearly) no-CSS, fast, minimalist Jekyll theme.

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jekyll-rtd-theme -
Just another Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages based on ReadtheDocs’s sphinx_rtd_theme styles

Source repo -