Jekyll Showcase! - Share your sites built with Jekyll

Thanks for taking a look at the site, David! Obviously, I’m still a newbie with the web development, but I’m keen to stick around and learn from you all (whilst breaking my computer, often).

Aevyz’s Project Hub and Blog -

A place where I post my programming projects and a coupe of my thoughts as well. Currently am posting some tutorials aimed at explaining how to use Jekyll, including how to write some of the more complex features, e.g. category based pagers.

You can find the source code for the site here

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I enjoyed looking at your site, particularly your post about favicons. I will try and make one myself now! The auto-tweeting sounds interesting too. Thanks again.

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I took a look around your site and I like it a lot. I also downloaded the jQuery cheat sheet too!

What are you using for your night mode feature? Care to share? Poked around in your repo and couldn’t find it.

I answered your question over here:

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Nayab Basha Sayed -
It’s my personal website. It’s more like my personal notes about topics what I learned and what I have been learning.

Has anyone made a Jekyll site that’s not a blog - I am making a shop for my business and was wondering if anyone has used it for this and any tips or plugins that are really useful

I’ve seen a few different ways to add ecommerce, but using Snipcart appears to be the easiest and the most custom experience

Either that or use Gumroad and just link to products on there

Hey, thanks man. Hope you find it helpful. The guy who made it seemed nice, and helpful so I had to do him a solid.

Shameless plug​:black_joker: If you get a chance I made a chrome extension for quick and easy layout debugging. People find it handy and maybe you will too. It uses jquery’s sizzle selector to wrap an outline around your dom elements. It persists so if you are using an auto refresh it will keep you focused on your problem area. Give it a looksee :slight_smile:

I worked at an awesome web agency for a while and we built a few beautiful sites that are not blogs.

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Electrical engineering taught in the style of Khan Academy (where I was the Electrical Engineering Content Fellow in 2016). is my continuation of that work.

Link to the repo -


Yefim Vedernikoff (Blog) -

This is my personal blog. I’m a full stack software engineer who likes to write on the side. Feel free to check it out and reach out if you have any comments/feedback :smile:

GitHub repo -


Like the simplicity of this blog, nice job!

Really like your blog’s style! Also, your mail icon is the same as Telegram’s icon… :sweat_smile:

I think it’s the Font Awesome one

Thanks for the reply. I added the extension and I’ll give it a try. I’m actually in the process of rebuilding my site, so I’m sure it will be helpful.

Very cool site! I’m definitely going to take a good look through the Github repo as I’m in the process of redoing my own blog at the moment.

I forgot how fun playing with circuits boards was! Thanks for sharing your site.

Thanks for taking a look. The circuit simulator is something I lifted from MIT (with encouragement). It’s 100% javascript, so it’s the only simulator I’m aware of that runs without installation, just one click. So it lowers the barrier to entry quite a bit. I added a few doodads to make it easy to share circuits and work on a touch interface.

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