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Brand new Jekyll theme Arnica is there.
Live Demo :

Modern Jekyll Theme. Get The Theme

I like your theme and thinking of using it for myself if you don’t mind.

Thanks but it’s not a theme, it’s my personal site so I’d prefer you not use it :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem,

I’ll try to create something better than yours. Wish me luck and be helpful :wink:

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Name : Cricson
Good Morning is a minimal and modern responsive Jekyll theme for any kinds of blogging website. You can make your personal blog or magazine website by using that

Live Demo :
More Details :

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Tech blogging with ducks. I learned that responsive and paginated inverse roman numbering is a pain in the ass.

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Name -

This blog explores building GUIs with GTK in the D language and, as of September 13, 2019, has 70 articles, with more than 130 code examples.

I learned so much about Jekyll while building this site, every scrape of it interesting once I got past the learning curve. The things I like best are:

  • multiple pop-up images in a single page,
  • incorporation of plain-jane HTML where needed, and
  • getting complete layouts ready to post in less than fifteen minutes.


This is my personal website:

It is a website about health, fitness and I use it for posting my cooking recipes :slight_smile:


Description: A super fast website for Guarantor Loans in the UK. End users can apply for a loan and receive offers in principle in less than 60 seconds thanks to the amazing speed that Jekyll offers (vs WordPress).

Colorie - Colourful single column blog and portfolio theme.

Colorful, minimal one-column portfolio/blog theme built for Jekyll. Perfect for your personal website, blog and portfolio.

Key features

  • seo optimized
  • portfolio/blog/tag pages
  • AAA, 100/100 scores on Lighthouse, Gmetrix and Webpagetest
  • responsive
  • inline css
  • dusqus comments
  • compressed css, html
  • sitemap
  • robots.txt
  • atom feed
  • json feed
  • http security headers


Edward Battistini - product design portfolio

My product design website. Using Jekyll and Bulma
My photos portfolio is build on Jekyll, tabletop.js (use ggsheet as CMS) and bulma


Name -
A Jekyll website to showcase your photos. It even shows the picture’s exposure, shutter speed etc. without you having to manually fill up any forms.
Github -


I created this website to challenge people to make jokes in order to make people laugh and bring happiness. I enjoyed to do it in jekyll since it is very simple and organize. Also , I used an external database to make the website dynamic. :smiley: What do you guys thinks about the website? thanks in advance!

c a u g ht my e y e -

Creative outlet of out-of-the-ordinary photography I’ve made. Mostly on 35mm film. Bali, Java, Thailand, Philippines, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Youngstown OH are some of the spots that my shutter caught. I’m hoping this site will ultimately replace my main portfolio on WordPress.

Made on @mmistakes with Masonry and imagesLoaded.

Repo -

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Impressive. Beautiful clean design. Congrats! Lovely film photography too.

Super slick. Love it. :zap:

Joakim Hertze -

This is my photography portfolio site (and blog). After having tried A LOT of website builders and having spent A LOT of time trying to hack them into doing what I want, I gave up and tried to build it with Jekyll instead. It took me a while (and some reading up, since I’m not a coder) but I finally got something I’m proud of. The last piece of the puzzle was finding a nice CDN to serve the photos, I think.

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Never Astray -

Waterproof, durable maps designed for emergency preparedness. Uses jekyll_picture_tag and some homegrown ruby.

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Nice work. I use Masonry too!