Jekyll in the Newsroom: Meetup in NYC 3/1

Our next Meetup will feature David Sleight of Propublica talking about using “Jekyll in the Newsroom”

Here’s a description:
It’s all about Jekyll and journalism: Find out how ProPublica uses Jekyll and Grunt to report some of its biggest stories, including everything from helping a network of over 1,000 journalists cover Election Day in real time (on the site “Electionland”), to telling the sordid tale of how a U.S. company helped aid a notorious warlord—and everything in between.

There will be video posted to our Youtube channel (where you’ll also find some other Jekyll stuff):

Here’s a link to the Meetup, if you’re in NYC and can attend:

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Here’s a playlist with the videos from our event:
This includes the first talk, which was an introduction to static site generators, and David Sleight’s talk “Jekyll in the Newsroom.”