It it possible toggle between 2 types of images?

I have a webpage with many graphs that are fundamentally looker embeddings, however switching all the graphs to looker embeddings (which are interactive) greatly slows down the webpage to an unacceptable level. My solution has been to make static versions of all the graphs instead which of course loads much faster but now I lost the interactivity of the graphs which users like.

My question then, is it possible include a button somewhere near or on the image that would allow the user to toggle between the 2 options if need be? So by default the page loads a bunch of static grapgs which are simply .img files and then the user can click a button beside a particular image/graph to make it interactive by switching to a looker embedding.

this isn’t a jekyll thing, I would assume you could do something like that with javascript. I’ve never heard of looker, maybe they have a way to do what you want?

thx, i’ll check with them