How to set up title?

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I have a problem with the title and Home Page Meta data.

When googeling tegant, it shows the current Title as ““Tegant | Tegant is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) designed to safeguard your online privacy. With Tegant, you can access blocked websites and services on your iPhone or iPad ? risk-free.””

  1. How can I change that? Looking at _config.xml, the title has says only “Tegant”. Why is this combined with the description?

  2. How can I change the Home Page Meta Keywords?

The code is on

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You are using the jekyll seo tag plugin and it is doing that - looks like it is combining the title and the description. Not sure how this works with config info vs front matter info.

I don’t use that plugin so I am not sure how you control what it outputs. I think if you remove the description from the config it will remove it from the meta title? not 100% sure though.

I don’t think meta keywords are used by any search engines any more - or at least I read that at some point. I don’t see a key words part on there, you could manually add one to your Head include.

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I have exactly the same problem (getting title+description in the meta title).
Plugin developper said “this is the intended behavior as an SEO best practice” I do not agree.

I confirm meta keywords is no more used/read by search engines (more that 14 years now).

Back to main subject, I looking for the easiest way to manage UNIC meta title and description for each different pages of the web site I’m creating. This is in that very basic seo rules (just after having good unic contents structurated hierarchically with h1/h2 etc.)

Sorry for my english, I’m french :stuck_out_tongue:

are you using the seo plugin? if so just take it off and do it yourself with the front matter on each page, I use title and description. That way you can control it how ever you want.

Agreed about the meta keywords. I suggest reading up on (drives Google-oriented SEO a lot), Opengraph (Facebook et al) and Twitter cards.

For example, if you FB Messenger someone your site, you will see that FB picks up logo, title, description and site URL from the relevant og: metatags.

I wish I could uninstall the SEO plug-in, unfortunately it is added in as an dependency by another plug-in.
IMHO it gives insufficient control and definitely insufficient detail. We generate tags right down to the individual product level, our eStore pages are all static at the moment.
Every page has the Google / FB / Twitter / page Title / favicon set up right from the template (which is where you want to spend some time).
The template loads as an include from a source file, and then Jekyll loads the necessary data from the template and page front matter into the relevant SEO meta tags in the head.

I learned this the hard way, I am setting up a customer-facing company website which includes an eStore, and eventually had to do some research, as the SEO results were NOT what I was expecting…

For a very realistic, hard headed look at the subject, The Truth About SEO: How to Survive Online in a World of Robots, Demons, Influencers, and Spiders by Chris Lynch and Josh Llewellyn-Jones is fairly concise, covers more than you really need to know about the subject, and cuts through the marketing / SEO babble heard from so many so-called SEO experts.