How To Make Jekyll Build Process Faster?

Dear All

I use Jekyll on Netlify. Also I avoid liquid on my Jekyll website. So, I move all the code on includes to layout.

I set my config.yml like this to make building process faster ->


  • Gemfile
  • node_modules
  • .gitignore
  • .jekyll-cache

My posts less than hundreds. And I don’t use any images yet. But the building process take almost half minutes. How to make it faster?

I’ve read many articles out there to reduces building process time. But the result still not significant.


I’m going to assume you searched through previous posts and read up on some of the suggestions there.

Other things you might try is installing the Jekyll 4 beta and/or using Jekyll’s incremental build option. Other than pulling asset building out of Jekyll and into something like Gulp/Grunt and not being careful how you use {% for %} loops, there’s not much more optimizing you can do.

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Thanks for reference.