How to define a permalink containing "index.php?"

I can’t find how to make redirections work using a plugin so my idea is to manually create documents with permalinks and then to redirect them without any plugin. But I don’t get the permalinks work, if they should contain “index.php?”

the target permalink should be something like

I tried several things but nothing works:

permalink: /index.php?/aaa/bbb.html
permalink: /index.php?/aaa/bbb
permalink: mywebsite/index.php?/aaa/bbb
permalink: {% raw %}/index.php?/aaa/bbb.html{% endraw %}
permalink: {% raw %}/index.php?/aaa/bbb{% endraw %}
permalink: /{% raw %}index.php?{% endraw %}/aaa/bbb.html
and some other variantes

a normal permalink works, for example:
permalink: /test001
will link to mywebsite/test001

Of course I have read the documentation about permalinks and I searched the www.