How does the Duo theme work?

I found an interesting theme called Duo, and i’m looking to find out a bit more about how this works. For starters the installation instructions do not mention adding it to the Gemfile, but rather cloning the repo.

Then in order to update the css you have to install yarn and then watch. I couldn’t really figure out what yarn and laravel does in this process.

That worked ok but then when updating the index.html to comment out some code, it re-appears again when you bundle it again.

Have you tried asking the developer of the theme :wink:

Quick glance it looks like they’re importing various CSS frameworks like Tachyons, which Yarn (or NPM) pull down for you. This sort of workflow comes from the JavaScript world and it looks like it’s being bolted on to Jekyll.

None of this is really specific to Jekyll, it’s more of a front-end web development thing.

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yep i posted in the github issues for that repo, but then noticed that none of the other inquiries had been answered. I think your answer is helpful though :grinning: