[Feedback Request] Lowercase URLs in Jekyll 4.0

Hello Everyone! :wave:

The Jekyll Core team is considering an idea to drop support for mixed-case URLs. We have not finalized it yet, though.

As things stand now, Documents in a Collection generates URLs with the categories and title lowercased but standalone Pages generate mixcased URLs. In other words, ./Movies/_posts/2019-05-16-EndGame.md will generate /movies/2019/05/16/endgame.html but ./Movies/Avengers.md will generate /Movies/Avengers.html

The Core Team proposed converting all URLs to lowercase to remove the above discrepancy and because not all platforms handle mixcased paths / URLs in the same fashion.

However, before we finalize this, we’d like to get your feedback on this move especially since existing mixcased URLs will error 404 with this.

Thank you.


Hello, first thank you for your fantastic work on updating the jekyll machinery.

I’m a big fan of following the “unix-tradition” and keep the spelling as is. Although using all-lowercase url might be the latest fashion, the good old Wikipedia, for example is using mixed (or dare I say “natural”) case e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strange_Case_of_Dr_Jekyll_and_Mr_Hyde and I’m sure there are many others too.

Anyways, keep up the great work. Cheers. Prost.


Thank you for the feedback, Gerald. Much appreciated. :smile:

I opened this thread to gauge how adversely this change would affect the community… But unfortunately, no one else have responded.

Perhaps I should cross-post to Reddit… :thinking:

I’m kinda indifferent. The Wikipedia example sited by @geraldb made the “natural” case seem like a good idea to have. But I don’t think users care whether it’s mixed case or all natural case. Then, how much breakage will changing cause? Or can existing Jekyll sites be updated and adapt to the change? Because if it simplifies Jekyll development, I’m all in for whatever does.


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no problem for me, I would prefer lower case urls always.


I always use lower case URL’s, so I fully support this move. I might use “natural case” in a business card or something to improve readability, but I think at this point most people ignore such capitalizations when entering a URL anyway. Thanks for all you do!

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Dear Jekyll developers/maintainers:
First I would like to thank you for your tremendous work! Switching to Jekyll has been very successful for me.
I’m late to this talk. Still, re capitalisation: I would argue very much against lowercasing all URLs. Please let your users decide. Anyone who wishes can use lowercase throughout by themselves. So my request is: keep the spelling.
Thank you, best, Michael


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