_draft posts are not showing on page

I’m having an issue where _draft posts are not showing in localhost:4000. As the instructions stated, the file doesn’t have the date and I ran jekyll build --draft. Any thought on why this is happening?

jekyll serve --drafts should display the posts stored in the _drafts folder (plural).

Thanks @Frank, I got that solved. Now I have a different problem. when I run jekyll build --drafts --watch I get the following error… jekyll 3.8.1 | Error: No such device or address @ rb_sysopen - ...

Can’t reproduce your issue, please provide a link to a public repo if you can’t figure it out.

I uninstall all gems and install jekyll back again. Now I can’t bundle install from the root, I get the following error… Your bundle is locked to minitest (5.10.3)

to reinstall all latest gems: rm Gemfile.lock && bundle update