Config custom values not showing

I have a list named “hello” in the config file but it doesn’t show even an unformatted version of the list.

Here is the list that I placed at the end of _config.yml:

  en: Hello!
  es: ¡hola!
  fr: Bonjour!
  de: Hallo!
  ru: Привет!
  nl: Hallo!
  he: "שלום!"
  ko: 안녕하세요!
  zh-CN: 你好!
  pt-BR: Olá!

Here is the contents of test.html:

layout: ""

{{ site.url }} <br>
{{ site.title }} <br>
{{ site.hello }}

And here is the output of test.html after it has been built:

Aron <br>

Pleaseeeeee heeeeeeeeeelp I have been raging over this for an hour :sob:

try {{ site.hello | inspect }}

I’m not sure you are meant to be able to display the contents like that. I assume you can do an individual one no problem? like {{ site.hello.en }}?

Oh. After restarting Jekyll it just started working magically

http://localhost:4000 <br>
Aron <br>
{"en"=>"Hello!", "es"=>"¡hola!", "fr"=>"Bonjour!", "de"=>"Hallo!", "ru"=>"Привет!", "nl"=>"Hallo!", "he"=>"שלום!", "ko"=>"안녕하세요!", "zh-CN"=>"你好!", "pt-BR"=>"Olá!"}

Edit: I forgot that Jekyll only reads the config at the start of serving :person_facepalming:

if you change something in the config file you have to restart jekyll for it to be able to see it.

If you are building a multilingual site with jekyll, I recommend using polyglot to help you handle different languages from your site.

I already am. Actually, the “hello” list is pasted straight from their site page. Thanks for the recommendation!

Ah nice. One recommendation: if you plan to have lots of different translated strings in your site, often re-utilizing layouts, I’d suggest using localized variables.