Match the Jekyll brand


Re-work on the front-end of this website and make it similar to Jekyll brand, it doesn’t feel like Jekyll’s place, except the logo itself.


No comments for Jekyll branding?


I kind of like it, though I am not involved with it in any way. If you have an idea and want to create a demo I’m sure it would be considered. The whole jekyll website/repo can be forked and you could have your way with it.

But I would guess that it is functional as is, and people are more interested in moving the codebase along than refreshing the look. But that’s just a guess!


I am talking about the website branding, it doesn’t match with


ah - well, that would mean skinning discourse, and that is no easy feat, would not recommend that.


So, discourse doesn’t allow to customize the theme?


sure it can be customized, but I think it is complicated - and this is very functional as is.

Keep in mind I am just a user like you, so I have no real say in this, that is just my impression, partly based on installing and setting up a discourse instance once upon a time.


I see.

Isn’t there is any other software for building communities. You know which is more easily hackable.


ha - discourse is by far the best IMHO.


don’t mean for that to sound snarky - and I suppose if you are looking for a community then discourse lacks some stuff. I just see it as a tech support forum, and think it is very efficient.


How about self-hoted Slack?