Liquid Tags Not Working in Markdown Files in Non-Post Subdirectory


Liquid tags like {{ site.baseurl }} not rendering in non-post subdirectory (called “momentum_content”) markdown. Non-rendered, raw Liquid tags shown here:

Liquid tags seem to work fine in markdown within _posts.

jekll build --verbose says it’s rendering the files:

Rendering: momentum_content/
Pre-Render Hooks: momentum_content/
Rendering Liquid: momentum_content/
Rendering Markup: momentum_content/
Rendering Layout: momentum_content/

… but a little differently than it renders posts, where “Rendering Liquid” is not listed:

Rendering: _posts/2018-04-28-rebuilding.markdown
Pre-Render Hooks: _posts/2018-04-28-rebuilding.markdown
Rendering Markup: _posts/2018-04-28-rebuilding.markdown
Rendering Layout: _posts/2018-04-28-rebuilding.markdown
Layout source: site

Have tried using collections, but makes no difference:

output: true

Full source at:


I believe the problem is your post.html layout and this line. You don’t need page.content nor do you need the Markdownify filter… just plain ole {{ content }} will do the trick.

You’re essentially applying it twice which is why you’re getting the unrendered Liquid. I just cloned your repo and replaced {{page.content | markdownify }} with {{ content }} and the Liquid tags in your file output as expected.