Join the jekyll chat room


Hello to everyone,

I have created a room for all of you (the Jekyll community) to share / talk / discuss.

If are considering joining. I welcome you, please click here to join the room.

It’s free to join, use your personal or work email address.

It’s just like slack, but here unlimited number of people can join Jekyll chat community.

If you want you can even invite more people to the Jekyll chat community.

I not saying to stop using this ( I think it will be better if we (the Jekyll community) can chat directly to each other.

If the authorized member can PIN THIS POST, it would be really grateful. It will help reaching this post to everyone.

Jekyll Showcase! - Share your sites built with Jekyll

Created a sweet landing page. Jekyll Flock Chat.

You are all welcome to join.


FWIW there’s already an IRC chan and a Gitter channel :


Here in the Jekyll Chat. I have create different rooms for people according to their needs.