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My personal website

And I also open sourced the template so that others can build similar sites

#89 -

This is a side project of mine where I am posting the chords and lyrics for learning how to play songs on guitar. I deployed it with Netlify and have learned how to use Fluid to auto populate the home page with new posts when I create one. Next will be adding some custom design to make it stand out more. Also will be adding more navigation as the song catalog grows.



This was my very first website using Jekyll. And I learned a lot in the process - building collections, multi-author blog, configuring the site properly to work out of box in Siteleaf (and, of course, lots of props to the wonderful folks there for there help on the Slack channel), …

I’ve since gone on to build more sites in Jekyll -,, and more in the works. Jekyll has easily become my default choice for building website.

I’m currently also exploring using Jekyll as an application framework for web apps integrating Vue. Could I seek guidance here?



Type on Strap

A new simple, responsive theme based on Type Theme.
You can see the Demo

#92 -

Personal blog with posts related to programming, tutorials and open source.


Josh Pasholk (Portfolio) -

I have been playing around with different themes to see how Jekyll works and now I’m in the process of building my own site. When I started learning about frameworks I stumbled across UIKit. I hope to turn it into a theme when it’s complete.

My main goal with this site is gaining a better understanding of Jekyll and programming in general. A secondary goal is to see how little custom CSS I can use, relying on UIKit for as much as possible. I’m not really sure why I’m doing that, just seems like an interesting thing to do.


Junior is a blog/portfolio theme, designed with the needs of junior developers and students in mind.


  • Mobile-ready CSS
  • Sleek CSS-transition elements
  • An auto-populating Github Portfolio page
  • A resumé page (with print to PDF button)
  • Visual focused projects page
  • Disqus Commenting integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Contact Page


this is my first personal site i made with jekyll, its a home page of a chat site using sass and ruby