How to set up title?


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I have a problem with the title and Home Page Meta data.

When googeling tegant, it shows the current Title as ““Tegant | Tegant is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) designed to safeguard your online privacy. With Tegant, you can access blocked websites and services on your iPhone or iPad ? risk-free.””

  1. How can I change that? Looking at _config.xml, the title has says only “Tegant”. Why is this combined with the description?

  2. How can I change the Home Page Meta Keywords?

The code is on

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You are using the jekyll seo tag plugin and it is doing that - looks like it is combining the title and the description. Not sure how this works with config info vs front matter info.

I don’t use that plugin so I am not sure how you control what it outputs. I think if you remove the description from the config it will remove it from the meta title? not 100% sure though.

I don’t think meta keywords are used by any search engines any more - or at least I read that at some point. I don’t see a key words part on there, you could manually add one to your Head include.