How to read an OPML file as data in a Jekyll template?


Update: Since you can’t read OPML files (I misread the docs), consider this question not asked…


I have an OPML file I want to use as a datafile on my Jekyll site. I am looking for the documentation how to parse the output in a template file?

Here’s a sample OPML file

<opml version="2.0">
	<body text="lists/hn.opml">
		<outline htmlUrl="" name="hackerNewsFirehose" text="Hacker News Firehose" title="Hacker News Firehose" type="rss" xmlUrl=""></outline>

How can I parse this is a template file? I tried various variations of the code below

{% for feed in %}
      {{ feed.opml.body.outline[title] }}
{% endfor %}

Especially the part {{ feed.opml.body.outline[title] }}, what should that be?