Host Jekyll Website on AWS


OMG @rdyar , I wish you were right! I have been looking at this all morning. I am stumped! The urls are “” and “https://clouddeveloper/blog/2018/02/015/aws-static-website/” My understanding is when the URL are formatted like this, AWS S3 will look for an index.html file in the directory. When I click on the icon to navigate to the pages, I get an access denied error. I have made the files and directories public with read access.


my site - is on s3, urls are not the problem, do you have a bucket policy?

you need something like:



Thank you. I looked at your site. I am seeing the same behavior. I am beginning to think the URLs are fine. It must be a access issue somewhere. I looked at your bucket policy. I have the same policy. :frowning: I have created a certificate using AWS and using it in the distribution. Lost again. :-(:expressionless:


I would make sure you can get it to work without ssl - or cloudfront so you can eliminate some variables.

Also highly recommend s3_website gem for using s3/cloudfront if you are not already using it:


Okay, I pull the ssl and Cloudfront out. I am able to freely navigate around the site. I have used s3_website before but it does not appear to be picking up all modified files from the _site directory. If I has a good working copy, I could try it again. :slight_smile:


huh - I use it all the time and it is rock solid.

Hopefully you can get your urls sorted with cloudfront, I don’t remember it being too hard.

I used this guide the first time I set mine up:


Thank you. I will give it a try.


Thank you @rdyar! I am up and running :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I switched jobs shortly after that post and kinda disappeared.

Just for posterity, do you remember the actual fix for it him case someone runs into this in the future)?


Sure Curtis. The issue was the links. After I removed the https and CloudFront, I verified ALL links were working correctly. I found two links that did not work. Once I fixed it, I was up and running. I rolled https and CloudFront back in and all was working.