Docker image jekyll/jekyll failure when UID set


When running the jekyll/jekyll:3.4.3 and specifying JEKYLL_UID that is not 0 or 1000 the jekyll command fails. The root cause seems to be due to being down.
The sequence is:

  1. docker run --rm -ti -e JEKYLL_UID=id -u-v $PWD:/srv/jekyll jekyll/jekyll:3.4.3 jekyll clean
  2. Due to $JEKYLL_UID not being 0 or 1000 (from $(id -u jekyll)), the script calls reset-user jekyll:"$JEKYLL_UID"
  3. In the reset-user script the following call is done apk --update add [email protected] || apk --update add [email protected], which fails when it attempts to hit which is listed in `/etc/apk/repositories

#2 is back up now. Thanks Jordon