Configuration file message repeated


When I make changes to my site, I’m seeing:

Configuration file: (path to file)

repeated numerous times. It seems to be the same number of times as how many pages I have. I jnow I can use --quiet, but that makes it too quiet. :wink:


What version of Jekyll are you using, AFAIR, this had been handled a couple of releases ago…


I’ve got 3.6.0. I’ll check to see if it’s out of date.


No I’m wrong - it is 3.5.2 - updating now.


Ok, it did not seem to help. I’m using 3.6.2. I just changed one file, and the CLI correctly noted one file changed, and I got the configuration msg 5 times.


@raymondcamden are you using any plugins?


jekyll-feed and jekyll-gravatar


jekyll-gravatar rubygem is possibly the culprit here…

every time :protocol is run, Jekyll.comfiguration is run too, which outputs a message to the terminal…
If this is the plugin you’re using, I suggest you take this issue up to the plugin-author / repo…


I bet you’re right - I’ll raise it - thanks.