A plugin for course/book collection type


Is there a marketplace for jekyll? I want to ask a freelancer to develop a plugin for me. But I don’t know where.


There isn’t a Marketplace dedicated to Jekyll.
But…, what’s the plugin about?


My thoughts on this are not well organized yet. However I try to be as specific as I can.

I want to have a specific collection type named course or perhaps book.

Each course/book contains some chapters and each chapter contains some lessons.

I prefer to organize my course/book like this:

└── my_course
    └── course_cover.md
    └── chapter_1
        └── chapter_cover.md
        └── lesson_1
            └── lesson_doc.md
            └── lesson_video.mp3
            └── lesson_pic.jpg

        └── lesson_2

    └── chapter_2

When I organize my course, I would like it to be rendered like this course in the study.com website:

course_cover.md would render like this page. Its good to have some liquid attributes to make this page as we want. for example to be able to list chapters and lessons:

chapter_cover.md would render like this page. again it would be a good idea to have some liquid attribute options here to organize the page well.

and finally lesson_doc.md would render like this page. again with some liquid attributes.


K… I don’t see the need for a plugin here… Its possible to accomplish what you’re looking for by simply using well-crafted Liquid Templates, some javascript, and vanilla Jekyll


The part that Im not sure about is to automatically get some information about the chapters and lessons inside the course. Most specifically, How can I list them with a liquid loop in course_cover.html ? Can you give me an Idea? :thinking:


I would suggest you look into how the site for the official documentation on Jekyll has been structured. Though its not entirely what you’re looking for, you can learn a lot about using existing features in vanilla Jekyll and Liquid in your templates.


Good advice and yes, there is a marketplace for Jekyll. See https://www.fiverr.com/coolweru/create-a-jekyll-blog-for-you


You can try Fiverr or Freelancer India. They have a lot of such freelancers.